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  • Upon receipt of attested Documents, we forward the same to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in order to obtain the Advertisement and First Approval for recruitment.
  • We place Advertisements in the Leading Newspaper in Sri Lanka As well as in the Television to collect maximum applications, on client’s behalf.

  • Received applications are reviewed & evaluated by our Management.

  • Short-Listed Candidates will be referred to the Client for their Personnel Interview by visiting Sri Lanka or via Skype
  • Visa Applications will be processed thereafter and will be sent to the client by courier within a short period of time.
  • While Visa is under process for the selected candidates, they will be referred to a five days pre-departure mandatory training program conducted by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment under the following areas.

    • Arabic Law & Culture
    • Language Skills (Arabic & English)
    • Personal Health
    • Occupational Safety
    • Vocational Safety
    • Vocational Skills (House Keeping & Cleaning)
    • Personal Fitness
    • Personality, Self-Management, Behavior, Manner & Conduct
    • Banking & Finance Management
    • Family Responsibility